Seeking: Storage Houston

Houston, we have a storage problem. That was, of course, hilarious of me to say but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real issue. We actually have a storage problem, in Houston. The reason to this is pretty damn simple. We have a problem because we need a storage place in Houston, but we don’t have one.

I usually don’t mix my everyday life with this blog. I’ve deliberately chosen to separate the two for a long time now. I am, sort of, two different people. I am the professional me, working as a manager for an e-commerce business that shall be remained unnamed. The other part of me is the sassy blog persona. That is the person speaking right now. Because of the storage Houston pickle, I’ve decided to use this platform to reach out. That’s what I’m doing right now.

So, does anyone of you know anything at all about storages in Houston? Am I so incredibly lucky that one (just one!) person here could help us out? What we need is somewhere to put our stuff. A storage place in Houston that could work fast. The trucks with our products will arrive within 3 days and we can’t store them in the trucks. We need somewhere, a storage, where we can put them once they arrive to Houston.

If you don’t know any place I could turn, is there anyone that have done something like this before? I mean, looking for a storage in Houston might be too much to ask for, but just in general – how do you usually do these things? This is the first time we’re branching out to another state and another city. Also, I’m pretty new in the tasks I’ve now gotten. I have absolutely zero experience from this. That’s probably the main reason why I think finding a good storage in Houston is so very hard. And speaking of that; What is a good storage place in Houston? What does something like that consist of? Since I don’t know what to look for, I find every part of this tricky.

I guess you can hear that I’m a perfectionist. I just can’t stand being responsible for this and then, in some way, f**k it up. Please help me avoid a disaster here, guys. If you don’t know anything about Houston or storage, please hit me up with someone that does!

Talk to you soon again!

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